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Power Plants (Oil and Gas)

BIC Electric has a dedicated team with vast experience that has been focused and trained to work on one of the most critical portions of the power grid, Power Plants. Our team has worked around the clock ensuring that our clients and their customers can rely on our services and can trust that BIC can be a trusted partner to complete the work with the uttermost safe and human performance practices. 

Medium and Low Voltage Services

At BIC Electric, we are committed to providing our clients with reliable and high-quality commissioning services for low and medium voltage systems. Our goal is to ensure that system is fully operational and meet industry standards, delivering safe and reliable power to our customers. 



  • Commissioning and Start-up

    • Factory acceptance test of E-Houses.

  • Testing and Commissioning of

    • Generation protection for new installation and retrofit

    • Transformer

    • Power Circuit Breakers

    • Switchgear and Motor Control Centers

    • Instrument Transformers

  • Participate in plant and equipment start-up and troubleshooting

  • Relay Setting deployment & Testing

  • Settings Development for microprocessor Relays: SEL (all SEL relays), GE (Multilin and UR), ABB (Relion family of relays, DPU, TPU GPU), Beckwith (Generator, Transformer, and Distribution), SIEMENS (Reyrolle, Spirotec, etc.)   

  • Relay Acceptance Test

  • Electromechanical relays: GE (IAC, BDD, PVC, CHC, CEYG, IAV) Westinghouse (CH-3, SCC, CA, SM-1, COR) ABB (CKO, CO, SC, SBF, etc.)

  • Solid state relays: Basler, ABB, GE

  • Microprocessor Relays: SEL (all SEL relays), GE (all Multilin and UR series), ABB (Relion family of relays, DPU, TPU GPU), Beckwith (Generator, Transformer, and Distribution), SIEMENS (Reyrolle, Spirotec, etc.) 

  • Turnkey solutions for Relay Retrofit and Arc Flash Mitigation (ABB, SEL, GE).

  • Design, Installation, and Commissioning of Arc Flash Mitigation

  • Retrofit obsolete electromechanical relays.

  • Protection schemes update

  • Metering upgrades

  • DFR upgrades

  • Functional Testing of Switchgear and MCC

  • Low voltage motor control center

  • Low Voltage Switchgear

  • Arc resistance high-duty switchgear

  • Narrow design metal-clad switchgear

  • GIS. MV gas insulated switchgear

  • Air-insulated switchgear

  • Motor protection and control

  • Medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers

  • Universal Motor Controller (UMC-22 & UMC-100)

  • Low voltage air circuit breakers

  • Molded case circuit breakers

  • Arc Flash Mitigation. REA101, TVOC-2, UFAST, SEL, GE

  • Dry and Cast Transformers

  • ABB Relion Series, SEL. GE, Siemens, Basler, Beckwith Protection Relays

  • Westinghouse, ABB, GE Electromechanical and Solid-State Protection Relays

  • SEL relays (351, 451, 751, 321, 421, 2506, 387, 487B, 487T

  • Softstarters

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