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BIC Electric's Substation Construction Services provide a comprehensive range of solutions for substation construction projects. Our team of experts has extensive experience in delivering turnkey solutions, from site prepping and excavation to equipment installation and testing.

We offer a wide range of construction services, including excavation and trench work, ground grid installation and testing, perimetral walls and fences, station driveways, foundations and conduits (power transformers, breakers, switches, etc.), station cable trays, yard gravelling and rocking work, structural and mechanical installations (towers, columns, etc.), and station bus work (up to 500KV).

Substation Low Voltage Installations and Applications

At BIC Electric, we are committed to delivering exceptional substation construction services to our clients. We provide comprehensive solutions to ensure that projects are completed on-time and to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Our services cover substation low voltage installations and applications all the way up to 500KV, providing the following solutions to the customers.


  • Site prepping

  • Excavation and trench work

  • Ground grid installation and testing

  • Perimetral walls and fences

  • Station driveways

  • Foundations and conduits (power transformers, breakers, switches, etc.)

  • Station cable trays

  • Yard gravelling and rocking work
    Structural and mechanical installations (towers, columns, etc.)

  • Station bus work (up to 500KV)

  • Pull, terminate, test, and connect Substation and P&C cables and circuits.

  • AC and DC station service installation

  • Removal, installation, and-or replacement of substation equipment up to 500KV:

    • Power Transformers (including real time  transformer’smonitoring equipment)

    • Circuit Breakers

    • Voltage Regulators

    • Switches (Motor Operators, Disconnects)

    • Insulators

    • Free-Standing CTs

    • Free-Standing PTs

    • Free-Standing CVTs

    • Wave Traps

    • Capacitor Banks

    • Battery Systems

    • Camera Systems

    • Other minor and major station equipment.

Equipment Primary Testing (HiPot, Megger, Ductor, Timing, Ratio, Polarity, Resistance)

Equipment primary testing is an essential aspect of substation construction and commissioning. HiPot, Megger, Ductor, Timing, Ratio, Polarity, and Resistance are some of the critical testing methods used to verify the performance and safety of substation equipment. These tests help to identify potential faults or issues that could impact the operation of the substation. By performing equipment primary testing, BIC Electric ensures that substation equipment is functioning correctly and meets the necessary safety and performance standards. 


  • Circuit Breakers

  • Circuit Switchers

  • Voltage Regulators

  • Instrument Transformers (CTs, PTs, CVTs)

  • Wave Traps, Insulators, Capacitor Banks, amongst other equipment

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